LETR Victoria Awards Tertiary Scholarships

LETR Victoria along with our patron CCP Ashton had the honour of presenting scholarships to Special Olympics Athletes on Friday 7 February 2020. The scholarships are offered to students who are members of Special Olympics and enrolled in either the Certificate I Work Education (Sport) or the Certificate II Work Education (Sport) at Victoria University Polytechnic – Footscray Campus.

“No matter who we are, no matter our challenges, we all have a right and an ability to work. It is our strengths that must be the focus” – Carlo Manolitsas, SO athlete

The courses offer participants the opportunity to gain valuable workplace awareness and skills in simulated and authentic workplace settings, improving confidence in job seeking, workplace expectations and personal development. Already underpinning the Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Program in Australia, LETR Victoria were excited to support Special Olympians in their educational and vocational opportunities by providing a full scholarship on successful completion of the course. As part of their community awareness modules, students have been heavily involved in the conduct of LETR events and fundraising activities across the State.

As a scholarship recipient, Carlo Manolitsas said “Last year we built upon our strengths, celebrating our successes, encouraged each other and demanded the best of ourselves.” LETR Victoria and our partners Victoria Police and BankVic are proud to support our Special Olympians and hope to expand our involvement in the coming years.


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